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documentary options

Block Island Highlights

Love Story Sample & Full Length

Additional Services

• Lovestory Production/Presentation 500
• Streaming Ceremony 500
• Streaming Reception 500
• Photo slideshow 100

• Engagement portraits 500
• Post wedding portraits 500
• Uplighting 500
• Rehearsal & Dinner Coverage 500
• Wedding Move Trailer 500

Why Film at all?

What people love the most about our style, is that we are not intrusive. We make you and your guests feel comfortable. We don’t stage scenes or overdramatize. Our videos are authentic – documenting your day, as it happens.


Frequently asked

How would you describe your style?

We are known for storytelling so people can relive the day as it happened. We never ask people to act or speak for the video. We hunt for the emotion with great natural laughter and conversation. We keep the natural audio with a blanket of music to support the emotion of the moments captured.

What is the expected length?

The length consists of the best of the best highlighted moments loaded with emotion typically runs around 4 to 8 minutes long. In addition you receive a full length video made up of all the raw footage cleaned up allowing you to relive the entire day again. The amount of emotional moments captured throughout the day will determine the length of the video. An average full-length video typically runs between One and a half hours two one hour and 50 minutes. You also receive a 1 minute edit intended for social media.

How does your team dress?

We wear all black to help us stay unobtrusive.

What do we get?

We create an online video gallery that includes the full-length, highlights and a 1-minute edit. A viewing password can be added to all three videos. The videos in the gallery will allow you to download them and add them to a website. We also provide copies on Blu-ray.

How do you handle working with other photographers?

Photographers love to work with us. We make a point to tell the photographers not to be concerned with getting in front of our cameras. The photographers are part of the day as well. They have one shot at getting the right moment.

How late do you stay?

Full day coverage includes all prep such as golfing, hair salon, getting ready shots up to two locations and the last dance.